About Aenigma Theatre

Aenigma Theatre was founded by Tanya Mathivanan in 2013 with the belief that, in many ways, people are all enigmas, to each other as well as to themselves. Tanya's diagnosis of Fibromyalgia at the age of 15 amplified her interest in exploring the complexities of the human condition. She was driven to find other like-minded artists to collaborate with in order to make it a reality. 

Co-Artistic Director Sarah Melo came onboard from the very first production, and has designed every show since. Together with other design alumni from the University of British Columbia's BFA Design and Production Program, including Scott Zechner, Javier Sotres, Erica Leduc and Alix Miller, we have formed a company that we believe is unique in its Artistic Identity. What makes Aenigma Theatre different is the fact that the core members of our company are the design and production crew, in contrast with other companies that often employ a revolving door of designers. As such, we believe that we have a unique aesthetic which we apply to different types of shows. We have created our own style of communication and expression, as well as a style of exploration to discuss a variety of current issues that we feel are crucial to society. We aim to create theatre with a 'wholistic' approach- wherein we investigate an issue with the ‘whole’ in mind from the very start, creating a greater sense of cohesiveness from the direction, to the design, to even the publicity.

Aenigma Theatre is particularly interested in exploring human dichotomies, such as the public versus the private, and other contemporary issues that we feel are extremely personal, yet have a wide-reaching societal impact. Ultimately though, we aim to entertain and engage people with brilliant, relevant plays, from any time period, that challenge audiences both intellectually and emotionally. We believe that an evening at the theatre that makes you feel and gives you something to talk about, is an evening well spent. 

All photography provided by Javier Sotres